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Do you know someone who has made our community a better place, or has improved the lives of others right at home or around the world?

Nominate them for our Legend Award - 

These awards will be presented at the Legends & Legacy Gala & Auction to be held June 8, 2018 at Liberty North Barrie.


Five women and five men will be chosen by a committee, from the nominations received. We will be honouring people from our community who have enriched and enhanced the lives of others and/or shown incredible courage facing a challenge. It could be someone who is a role model or has been your mentor, or someone who has extended their hand in friendship to you at a troubling time in your life. This person could be a friend, your neighbour, your sibling, your mother or father, or someone who has touched your life in some way.  This event will embrace men and women in our community who have left a legacy, while becoming a ‘Legend’. Legends can be of any age from youth to a special senior.

Briefly describe the individual on the nomination form on this page (below as a jpeg), in 400 words or less. Please include information that will inform the committee on how the individual has influenced your life and why you feel they should be selected as a ‘Legend’.  What personal traits do they have that makes them special? What needs or issue did they recognize and what action did they take to address the situation? Did they encourage others by being a mentor or a role model?  What accomplishments have they made and what difference has they made to their neighbourhood or community.  Why do you feel they are a legend?  Please provide any other information you feel is beneficial to the support of your nomination.

- Nominations will be accepted until May 1, 2018

- Please email nomination to marked Nomination Legends and Legacy or fill in the form on our website.

- 10 Legends will be selected and recognized (we will accept nominations for Junior Legends as well)

- Legends chosen will receive an invitation and 2 complimentary tickets to the event (they will be sponsored)

- If you require additional tickets please call Barb or Krista Richards at 705-726-2120

- All nominees are invited to attend with their supporters; the event is planned for Legends in our community, and will be an exciting and fun filled night.

- Why not make up a table of 8 - 10 friends and/or relatives; this is going to be a great night! 


buy tickets

Tickets are $125 each.  

Please contact us at 705-726-2120 to purchase or use 

PayPal provided below for easy purchasing.

Tickets can also be purchased at 

110 Anne Street South, Unit 9,

Barrie, ON L4M 2E3

Full tables can be purchased in groups of 8 - 10 

Please contact our office to arrange